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Friday, April 11, 2008

New Plates and Tickets

Here's a new batch of plates and tickets from the Donnell sale and some cheap tables.

First this nautical silhouette bookplate that manages to include a heavy-limbed tree, kids, and a sailing ship, all popular bookplate themes. From an undated decorative volume of Virgil (c 1910) owned by "R. Savadge".

Next this crude but attractive library-themed plate belonging to "Elizabeth Kimball". Forgot to note where this one came from (crap!).

The last and best plate is this aviation combat-themed plate belonging to "Edward E. Greiner" from a 1927 biography of Napoleon. This one is signed but I can't make it out. Here's a blow-up of the sig.

Here's a ticket from the "Polish Book Import Company, Inc. - 38 Union Square, New York, NY". Found in a translated children's book (c1940)

Finally this "Chicago Booksellers Row" belly-band. Probably c 1980. I like this method of promoting a bookselling district.

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Anonymous Bookseller said...

Not a "bookselling district". 'Bookseller's Row' was the name of a used-book store in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood between (roughly) 1978 to 2000. They eventually had three stores (the aforementioned, one in Wicker Park, and one in the South Loop area). The "belly-band" was used for books that were signed by the author.