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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Plates

I just purchased a large book lot from an estate and it contained a nice selection of bookplates. Here's a few:

Helen Larrabee and Charles Burton Robbins, found in Ferdinand and Isabella, V3 by Prescott (1899). An attractive plate done with red ink that unfortunately bled a bit on removal. Signed by the artist "E. K. Hess" - Emma Kipling Hess Ingersoll, portrait painter and miniaturest from Chestertown Maryland (1878-1941).

Next this nice gilt bordered-sailing ship plate belonging to "Clarissa J. Duff" found in The Dream Detective by Sax Rohmer (1925). The book was inscribed: "From Bill, Allegheny Gen'l Hospital".

I love the perfectly geometric sun surrounding the realistic ship. Beautiful color too. This plate was produced by "Rust Craft USA" who seem to have printed a lot of Valentine and Birthday cards.

These next two plates belonging to "Samuel Oram Farrand"--one aviation themed the other music/violin--were both found in the same book: Life of Emerson by Van Wyck Brooks (1932). What a great score!

This last plate from the "New York Society Library" was originally engraved in the 1700s by "P. R. Maverick, 66, Liberty Street" but was reproduced well into the 1900s (this one was found in a book from 1960).

Thanks to Lewis Jaffe for the info. Hopefully they replaced the plate with something a little more PC.

More to come.


Bookn3rd said...

Cool - I love the one with the airplane!

William Smith said...

Yeah, that one's a beaut. It has a very Fritz Lang's Metropolis feel.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, the new New York Society Library bookplate no longer features a Native American genuflecting before Athena, but instead the library now uses a replica of its first 1758 bookplate by E. Gallaudet. Scroll down a bit for a description and picture of it.

Anonymous said...

Helen Larrabee and Charles Burton Robbins are my Great Grandparents!

Wow, I was doing an historical search on them and I located this feed.

Lindsay Larrabee Williams