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Friday, May 30, 2008

New Plates and a Ticket

I recently went though every vintage book in the fiction section of [redacted] Books in [redacted] and came up with some nice plates.

First this one belonging to Charles H. Jordan found in Fruits of the Earth by Gide (Secker & Warburg, London 1949):

I like the way the cigar smoke has a calligraphic feel that matches the lettering. Anyone read Japanese?

Next this plate belonging to Ragnar K. Hedberg, found in Panama and Other Poems by Stephen Phillips (John Lane 1915):

Simple but striking.

Next this oblong, oversize plate belonging to Louis J. Elsas and Bertha R. Elsas (nee Rothschild), found in After Such Pleasures by Dorothy Parker (Viking 1933):

(Click for larger image)

This wedding announcement from the New York Times, April 25th, 1909 [pdf] that refers to the couple. Cupid is riding on the knight's fallen gauntlet, like some kind of challenge.

Next this wind-blown nature plate belonging to B. June West found in Tom Jones (Modern Library c1950):

Lastly a beautifully colored and embossed printing press-themed book ticket from Dutton's, 681 Fifth Ave, New York (c 1920s).

As always if anyone knows anything more about these items (the owners or the artists) please leave a comment.

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