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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Recent Bookplates: Second Installment

Here's the second chunk from my recent batch of bookplate acquisitions.

First this Thomas Balmer plate engraved by J. Winfred Spenceley Frederick Spenceley in 1912 found in London Films By W. D. Howells (Harper 1905).

Next this plate belonging to Madge Carr Cook (an actress with a few Broadway credits around 1900) . This one is signed. Looks like "H. Badirian 19XX" but is way too tiny to make out. Found in History of Frederick the II (Chapman 1859)

This one belonging to Leoh Waldman is perhaps the strangest I've encountered. It features an Ostrich with a globe body hiding its head while a horse in a checkered jockstrap looks on smugly. Found (appropriately) in Freud's Psychopathology of Everyday Life (Macmillan 1920).

These last two plates belonging to and designed by George Gates Raddin, Jr., historian and bibliographer, were both found in The Bedouins by Huneker (Scribner's 1922).

The first plate was on top:

pasted over this one (which is the first bookplate I've encountered that should be labeled NWS).

I wonder if Mr. Raddin became ashamed of his "money shot" design or if he suddenly became more besotted with Rockwell Kent than Aubrey Beardsley.

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Unknown said...

I realize this comment is 7 years late, but I just saw the odd ostrich bookplate you posted. I have one of these too and it's in a copy of James Branch Cabell's "Gallantry" (1907). In fact the context of the bookplate itself is Cabellian. The little motto in the lower left (mundus volt decipi) is that of Dom Manuel, the hero of Cabell's Figures of Earth; the leering horse must be the "Silver Stallion" of that book's sequel; and the diaper over the horse's genitals is a glance at the censorship of Cabell's supposedly obscene works. Do you have any idea who Leoh Waldman was? The net yield no other hits.
- Bill Lloyd (llwyd53 at gmail dot com]