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Friday, June 13, 2008

Book CSI: Permanent Stickers and Huge boxes

Don't you love it when you find a book that has struggled through almost 80 years of existence and--against-all-odds--held onto it's delicate DJ only to have a dumbass thrift store employee slap a non-removeable price sticker on it?

Is it that hard to find a f***ing pencil?

Or how about when you receive a long awaited package only to discover your books have been rattling around like beans in a maraca?

On the flip side I received a vintage paperback packed with a very clever use of recycled materials. The seller used an old clamshell VHS case.

I was a little afraid the book would have been dented by the reel sprockets but they were thoughtful enough to wrap the book in plastic and crumpled paper.

Gold Star! Next time I see a case of these things by the curb I'm going to grab them.

All right, to continue my tradition of doing tedious, arduous things on my birthday (and prove that I'm the worst boss I've ever had) I'm off to pack and ship books.

Seeing the new Werner Herzog South Pole movie tonight though and getting salt-baked fish and black sesame ice cream in China town. That'll make up for it.


Bookn3rd said...

Happy birthday!

Mark Hurst said...

How was the 1-2-3?

William Smith said...

Herzog was sold out (though we've seen it since and he's made himself into a joke). SBF was yummy as ever. Getting used to the new fish. Alice was sitting right in front of the duck chopping board and I was a little afraid of spatter but we got lucky.