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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The 30% off "Fund My Vacation" Sale

I am burnt. I hate books. They have me cornered.

I can't leave the apartment because it's 90+ out, I'm going stir-crazy and not getting anything done. If I didn't work alone someone would be in serious danger of me strapping on my wrist rocket and causing deep bruising.

So for my mental well being I'm extending my just around the corner vacation from 7 days to 2 FULLY DISCONNECTED weeks! Sadly no one is going to pay me for this decision so to make up a little ground before I head off, I'm having a 30% off sale for all readers of this blog.

Check out my catalogs (ex: Pulp Fiction and Vintage Paperbacks, Rare First Signed Unique, Children's Books, Fantasy Horror Science Fiction, and more) email me a list of desired titles. Put "Vacation Sale" in the subject line and I'll send back a paypal invoice reflecting a 30% discount and low calculated shipping (specify media mail or priority).

Seriously people you can't blog from Bellevue so send me off with my wallet padded instead of the walls.

UPDATE: Sale was over as of 7/25/08.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Good luck on the sale/escape. I let people know about it at my new site.