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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Flea Market Tips from The Naughty Secretary Club

Jennifer Perkins from the Naughty Secretary Club blog offers this video and list of tips on flea market strategy:

Choose your shopping partner wisely. You don’t want to go to the flea market with someone looking for the exact same things you are...

Tell your shopping partners what you are searching for so that they can also help you keep an eye peeled.
Carry a big purse or large tote bag to hold all your treasures.

Don’t just walk the middle of the aisles scanning booths, especially if you are a jewelry designer. There is no way you can see everything that is hidden inside the booth from walking down the center of the aisles.

Wear a tight fitting tank top underneath your T-shirt that way you can take your first layer off and try on clothes right there in the booth even without a dressing room.

Bring a list of measurements and a measuring tape. If you have spaces in your house where you are looking for a new piece of furniture measure the space so that when you find something at the flea market you can measure it and see if it will work.

and more in the full post.

She has a call out for more tips and strategies so chime in if you're experienced.

My best tip is to use your cellphone camera to take visual notes (sale addresses, landmarks, items you want to come back for, etc). Comes in very handy.

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