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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!: Dragon Breath Sparklers

These photos are from our last "Brooklyn Fireworks" show. Invented by Mr. Cuttita--our friends Michael and Carl's dad who was clearly a mad genius--these are sparklers turned up to 11.

All you need is a wire hanger and super fine steel wool (no soap added, 000 or 0000 "buffing grade"). Straighten the hanger so you have about a 3 foot length of wire with a small hook at the end. Unroll the steel wool and hook one end to the hanger. Move anyone you love back about 20 feet, light the end of the wool swing the hanger and run around like a spazz .

Good times.

For God's sake though, cover your hair, have a bucket of water handy (or a pool) and don't blame me if someone dies.

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