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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Summer Crafts: Tossing Games

I mentioned our discovery of Cornhole on a road trip to Kentucky a few months back. Well we finally finished our own set.

Here tis:

I found the images on a Sailor Jerry Tattoo fan page. The skull was from flash art and easy to reproduce. The thug coat-of-arms was on the bicep of a sailor--faded from sun, and hard-living--so I had to guess at the coloring....also it was a fairly large bicep so I'm hoping he doesn't mind that I borrowed it.

Each board weighs 30 pounds; there are 8 corns bags, 1 pound each; plus the obligatory bottle of bourbon, and you have game that you can't drag out casually. Probably the reason this is a popular with tailgaters who have pickup trucks.

But biking through the park the other day, I saw people playing this:

It's called Ladder Golf or Bolo Toss and since it only requires PVC Pipe and golf balls, is downright spritely compared to cornhole.

My next project.

Anybody have a drill press for drilling out 18 golf balls?

Wish I could explain this obsession with lawn games when I don't have a lawn...

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