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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wagging the Long Tail

A few days back I posted a review of a 1940s novel about a happiness virus that spreads across New York City. The review was picked up by Boingboing (mainly because of my comparing the happy virus to a zombie plague) and as a result used copies of the recent OP edition jumped from $0.10 up to the $25.00 range on Amazon!

I'm a tastemaker. Neat. Stand back Harriet Klausner.

I realize that without BoingBoing the book would have jumped to maybe 2 bits, but still it's a heartening demonstration of the reason to do a lit blog.

Of course, like a sucker I posted my $.10 copy on PaperbackSwap and it was traded away before I noticed what was happening.

Now I have to go look thorough my stock and see if I can make any more semi-spurious zombie comparisons...

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