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Monday, August 18, 2008

Book Geekery

J. Godsey at Bibliophile Bullpen recently reposted a Book Geek test that she wrote a number of years ago. It's been making the rounds (mostly uncredited) for a while but it's new to me.

Here's a sample:


1 point for every yes answer.

Have you ever deliberately bought another copy because it had a different cover than the one you have?
Have you ever spent your grocery money on books?
Have you ever bought extra copies just so you could give them away?
Have you ever bought 2 or more copies of a book, so you could read one and save the other?
Have you ever bought a 2nd copy of a book you loved in case you wear out the 1st one?
Have you ever spent more than 20.00 to replace a book you read as a kid?
Have you ever brought books with you to the store to sell, just so you could by a book you couldn't afford?
Have you ever not read a series until you had every book in it?
Have you ever pre-ordered a book as soon as it was humanly possible?
Do you avoid getting your favorite author from the library because they expect you to give them back?
Have you ever maxed out your library card?
Do you erase other peoples writing in library books as you read them?
Have you ever repaired a library book you didn't damage before you returned it.
Have you ever kept a library book and claimed to have lost it?
Do you donate books to the library that you think they should have on the shelf?
Have you ever borrowed a book from a friend and forgotten to give it back? on purpose?
Have you ever tried to acquire absolutely everything an author has ever written including, text books, liner notes and book jacket blurbs?

and the full test Book Geek Test is here.

I got 79 (out of 100). The makes me a "true blue book geek" but only just. I have some work to do.


John Klima said...

I only got 58; I am a minor leaguer. :)

William Smith said...

I thinking being a librarian, and editing a story collection based on obscure words gives you a bonus 20. You're true blue in my book JK.