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Friday, August 22, 2008

New Bookplates

A few new plates.

First this one from George Berkowitz, found in Thurber Carnival (Harper 1945).

An attractive library scene with nice lighting and effective use of cross-hatching. Signed, but I can't make it out.

Next this large format (7 1/2" X 4 1/2") Nouveau-inspired plate belonging to Helen Augusta Brereton, found in Poems by Violet Fane (Nimmo, 1892).

The plate is signed by "Carlton Fowler" painter and illustrator for Vogue and Century magazines. I have another copy of this plate if anyone wants to buy the $185 book that it's affixed to.

Next this rugged-looking nautical plate from the library of Martin Klopstock, found in Munchausen (Littman, Berlin 1900)

A very intricate design that is kind of lost on the rough paper stock.

Lastly two plates by J. Winifred Spenceley:

Jane Sherrill Knowles' plate dated 1906, found in Poems of Edward Roland Sill (Houghton 1902).

Shows a very nice dimensionality.

And this attractive memorial Lincoln plate belonging to George Higginson, Jr., found in Ballads and Songs by John Davidson (Bodley Head, 1894)

Most of the plates in this batch came from a hunting trip to The Owl Pen in Greenwich NY. The store has a very deep stock and occupies 3 or 4 old farm buildings. Always worth a trip when you're in upstate, NY. The shop is seasonal though so call ahead before making the trip. The ride is very scenic but I recommend a GPS.

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