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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Homemade X-Rated Book Cover

I found this copy of Mauel Puig's Betrayed by Rita Hayworth with a painstakingly hand-crafted nudey cover.

I find a lot of altered erotica PBs, but usually they're going the other way and de-emphasizing the sleaze.

This book is up for grabs. Email me if you want it (for cost of postage).

Also in the book was this bookstore record-keeping slip from the "Loreen Inventory Control System" dated 1976.
Any bookstore veterans ever encounter this? Looks like you fill in a number for the initial order and then mark how many are sold in each successive month. I'd don't envy the poor clerk who had to fill these things out.


Silent-Porn-Star said...

Lovely! How refreshing to see the evidence of someone so bold.

William Smith said...

Do you want it? It's too thick to tack to my bulletin board.

Silent-Porn-Star said...

lol Why would you tack it anywhere when you could just carry it around town as is? ;)

If no one else wants it, send it to the addy on file (we girls are meeting regularly as we are having secret meetings for even more secret projects... Mmmwaaahahhha)

But if another makes the request, by all means honor them as I've already had my hands in your pockets.

Oooo, that sounds naughty ;)