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Friday, September 19, 2008

New Bookplates

Found a striking batch of bookplates while culling my inventory and raiding the Strand Annex. Here are some:

First this retro-future cityscape reminiscent of Fritz Lang's Metropolis. It belonged to an "Anna C. Ury" and was found (appropriately) in a Modern Library H.G. Wells from 1909

Next this decadent, allegorical (I'm guessing Wagnerian?) plate belonging to poet and labor historian "Elias Lieberman". It's in the Beardsley style (though more detailed). I like the repeated shape of the birds and the way the smoke is rolling off the ring. Looks like it's signed "EB".

Next this one belonging to "W. H. Kellogg Jr." (possibly of the cereal family) found in Stewart's Travels c 1840. The foliage has a great fairy tale feel to it.

Next this classic pissed-off Dumbledore plate by illustrator "Leon D'emo" belonging to W. A. Moran, found in Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Heroes 1872

And lastly this dog plate belonging to William Hale Harkness, found in Goodbye Mr Chips 1935. Harkness was the Standard Oil heir and husband to the famously batty Rebekah Harkness, a huge patron of dance whose
eccentricities were often reported in the New York tabloids in the '60s and '70s. She dyed a cat green and scrubbed her pool with Dom Perignon

More to come.


dotdave said...

how did you acquire this book? Is it something you are interested in selling? I'm talking about Good Bye Mr. Chips.

William Smith said...

Found it by combing the aisles at the Strand. It's part of my personal collection so I'm not necessarily interested in selling. Make me an offer and I might consider it though. If interested use the "e-mail me" link.