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Monday, September 29, 2008

NYC Sex Bloggers 2009 Pin-up Calendar

A group of twelve heartstoppingly pert, supple, toothsome...prose stylists are putting together the New York City 2009 Sex Bloggers Calendar.
All profits from the sale of this calendar will go directly to Sex Work Awareness. The poses will be fun and flirty and burlesque themed, with no graphic nudity. Think costumes, corsets, pasties and g-strings.
$30.00 plus shipping gets you a calendar, plus the selection of one day (other sponsorship levels available) to carry your 80-character message to the sex positive, internet-savvy world.

I just bought a day. Get yours BEFORE MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 1st

No guilt, gratuitous nudity and a write-off in the charity column. What could be better?

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