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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Special Issue! Burlesque! Exciting Picture Report

Listing a small pile of "jazz mags" I've had sitting around for a while and I lost a lot of time in this one:

Glance: Special Burlesque Issue (June 1958, Vol. 2, #5), originally uploaded by Hang Fire Books.

It's a chapbook-size magazine containing an essay on the state of the art in burlesque, illustrated with 70 plus photos of 1950s performers (very few repeats). [you can buy it here]

The dancers pictured include: Lili Christine (cover), Irma the Body, Bubbles Darlene, Gypsy Nina, Tina Christine, Billy Boyd, Betty Howard, Winnie Garrett, Patti O'Day, Ann "Bang Bang" Arbor, Jill Huntley, Thunder, Evelyn West, Ora Lee Branch, Lili St. Cyr, Amber Halliday, Penny Page, Laura Lou Love, Cory Baysinger, Gypsy Rose Lee, Nannette, Ann Corio, Syra Marty, Penny Page, Ricki Corvette, Tempest Storm, Bonnie Bayia, Sheree North, Taffy O'Neill, and Louise Angel.

On a related--zaftig ladies in painted-on costumes--note, I've been fixated on the casting for the next Batman movie.
Nolan is going to do Catwoman as a "vamp in her twilight years" (I'm guessing with shades of Susan Alexandre Kane) and there was horrifying speculation that Cher was going to play the part. I'm not against the angle (Miller did it in Dark Night Returns) even though it doesn't make sense with the film's timeline.

If he's going that way, I think modeling her after a retired burlesque dancer would be a good direction. I love backstage photos when the dancers aren't "on", they look really tired and the ridiculously sexy costumes are just uniforms. That's how I want to see Catwoman. Alice and I were brain-storming actresses...she has to be glamorous but look like she's had it rough, curvy but not botoxed to death....I was thinking Elizabeth Shue...or maybe it this could be Sean Young's second chance...Helen Mirren or Anjelica Huston would play her mother of course...

Okay, kind of a random post but it's a good snap-shot of my head on any given afternoon.


Silent-Porn-Star said...

Did it sell? Your link's not working...

William Smith said...

Yup it sold. To a burlesque performer if that eases the pain.

Silent-Porn-Star said...

Darlin' the only pain I feel is the pinch of the wallet which prevents me from having all that I desire. Such is the collector's lament, yes?

Glad you got a sale -- and the mag a good home. :)