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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jacques Le Tord: French Pin-up Artist

The blog Au carrefour étrange has been posting numerous pen and ink pin-ups/erotic illustrations by an artist named Jacques Le Tord. I'd never heard of him before but I'm instantly a huge fan.

Check out the back yards on his women and you'll see why Robert Crumb moved to France.

Trying to find info on the artist but Babelfish isn't doing me any favors. Best I could do is that Le Tord worked in the 50s and was published extensively in a magazine called Revue Pigalle.

Love to find a coffee table book or an English snyposes of his career.

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Anonymous said...

Best I could do..obviously NOT the right le Tord but interesting juxtaposition
Le Tord, Bijou
Noah's trees
Noah nurtures his trees, planning to give them to his sons, but God has another use for them in mind.