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Monday, October 6, 2008

World's Largest Garage Sale 2008 Haul

Junk in My Trunk: October 6, 2008, originally uploaded by Hang Fire Books.

Here's my loot from last weekend's town-wide garage sale in Warrensburg, NY. View the image on Flicker for annotations and descriptions. I'll talk about some of this stuff (and my wacky adventures acquiring it) once I dig myself out of the pile.


Nathan Roberts said...

Neat 8 Track player! If you don't already know, some 8 Tracks are worth picking up.. I always do well with sealed 8 Tracks.

Here are two I've done well with fairly recently...

A sealed KISS 8-Track, eBay Item#: 130244070193

and a sealed Bruce Springsteen 8-Track, eBay Item#: 130234944208

Happy Hunting.

- Nate

William Smith said...

Yeah that player is a classic. It needs some work but the mechanisms are pretty simple.

I collected 8-tracks for 3-4 years and had about 800 of them when my interest waned.

Best of them was Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat, the label of which had "Sister Ray" under it's working title "Searching".

Any punk will bring a decent dollar, too.