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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Offensive Ads

The Blog of Hilarity recently posted the 9 Most Disturbingly Misogynistic Old Print Ads they've encountered and it would definitely be a challenge to top them.

And in a related post they've collected the 7 most delightfully perverse toy commercials. Alice and I lost our shit over the Super Soaker Ooozinator "Major Pumping Required".

Link via Jezebel


Sandy Nawrot said...

Holy crap. I bought that perfume and wore it, probably lured in by that ad, when I was a teenager. What does that say about me? Yikes.

LuxMentis said...

I am so sorry. So very sorry...but not so sorry not to inflict this upon you, too. Please consider yourself "tagged":

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This is all Chris Lowenstein's fault...she told me that my liver would be eaten by rats if I did not do it and pass it on. Enjoy *g*...