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Friday, November 21, 2008

Trunk Stories #4, Part IV

Here's the final installment of Trunk Stories #4. TS is the Hang Fire Books virtual reading series and the digital resurrection of my 'zine of literary fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

A meditation on dance artistry, the changing nature of
masculinity and Gene Kelly's taut, supple buttocks. (pdf)

by Barry J. House

A micro fiction piece on mortality
and mysterious family "talks".

Veronica Schanoes is an assistant professor of English at Queens College - CUNY. Her work has appeared in Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 21, Journal of Mythic Arts, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, and Sybil's Garage.

Barry J. House lives in Southern England, with his wife, two children, and three cats. His work has been published in Black Petals, Trail of Indiscretion, The Horror Express, Hub Magazine, Whispers of Wickedness, and elsewhere. Barry’s first collection of short fiction, Obsidian Dreams, is scheduled for publication in 2009 by Screaming Dreams Press.
Timothy Dedman is a writer and illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York.
Read the first three stories from issue #4 here: "Dame Morehead's Sea of Tranquility" by Tobias Seamon; "The Little Men" by William Mingin; "Brooklyn, New York, August 14, 2003"

Back issues of Trunk Stories can be purchased here (Issue #1 is OP and available as a free download).

So that's everything. I'm through the print backlog of Trunk Stories. Should I keep going? Do readers want to keep seeing short fiction and essays in this forum? What about the pdf format?

I'm looking for some feedback.

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jgodsey said...

wicked cool. I love how the internet has bread more zines, rather than stiffled them.

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