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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Best Coney Island Souvenir Ever FREE

A major source of anxiety for real New Yorkers (more so even than economic downturn and dirty bombs) is the impending gutting/condoization of Coney Island.

Current plans for the park include the retention of a few iconic landmarks and rides but for many of them the future is hazy.

Astroland's Rocketship and Tower have no new home lined up, and if owner Carol Albert doesn't find a taker before the end of January, they may end up on the scrap pile. Albert is even willing
to pay some moving expenses for the rocket.

So if you need a rocket to launch your offspring to a friendlier star, or you just want to get a SCUD missile trailer and drive it around to freak people out, now is the time to act.

Story and image via The Brooklyn Paper.

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