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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last Minute Save

Was having a really crap book-scouting day yesterday. I hit 4 thrift stores scattered over 5 miles (walked) and found NOTHING for resale. Best I could do was two books for me--Doctor Bowdler's Legacy: A History of Expurgated Books and a salty memoir of a pool hustler for the con artist library, McGoorty: The Story of a Billiard Bum.

Stopped in a last ditch Salvation Army (that's normally fruitless and that I looked over just the other day). Saw nothing new but I picked up the ONLY book that might possibly contain a bookplate and found this:

Gloria Swanson's bookplate with a gift inscription!

My first true celebrity bookplate find. Only dilemma now is keep or sell...


Anonymous said...

Is this Gustave?

The correspondence of personal intimates such as Robert Balzer, Virginia Bowker, Gladys Griffith, Ethel Helmsing, René Hubert, Beatrice LaPlante, Frances Marion, Marshall Neilan, LeRoy P. ("Sport") Ward, and Lois Wilson provide more lengthy and revealing glimpses of friendships. Correspondence from Lewis L. Bredin, Herbert Marshall, Joel McCrea, and Gustave Schirmer documents other close relationships. There is relatively little correspondence with Joseph P. Kennedy (most of it appearing in Series II., Career) and it is generally characterized by business dealings.
Among some of the more intriguing pieces of correspondence are: a letter from a twelve year old John F. Kennedy, thanking Miss Swanson for a Christmas present; a signed, self-caricature note from George Gershwin; René Hubert's voluminous, illustrated correspondence; early papers of Herbert K. Somborn's company, Equity Pictures; and the series of "hate mail" from Kenneth Anger, which arose from a lawsuit involving his book Hollywood Babylon.

j. Winkel said...