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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Bookmarks and Coupons

I finally printed up a new batch of bookmarks after procrastinating for more than a year(!)

Here tis (click for larger version):

Every order gets one.

I kept the same art but tweaked the lettering. I have a fun concept for the next bookmark but I decided to squeeze another batch out of the bibliophile zombie attack. Sadly the color highlights I wanted were too pricey to justify, but feel free to color in the torches and lake of blood with a red sharpie.

As a new marketing experiment, I'll be stamping the reverse with a coupon code and a url explaining my current discount. I like this setup because I can change up the offer without modifying the bookmark stamp. (I haven't quite engineered this yet, so for the handful of buyers who receive a new unstamped bookmark I'll extend the offer to you anyway).

Shop my book catalogs here.

O Happy Day!

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