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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Junk in My Trunk and Craigslist Experiment

My first "Junk in My Trunk" yard sale haul photo in a while. It's been a long winter.

(click on the photo to go to the flickr page with annotations)

Favorite item is the toilet-shaped bathroom cigarette caddy and ashtray. No reason to waste ANY smoking time.

I also recently tried a Craigslist experiment that's been working out well. Let me tell you about it.

I haven't driven in years. My highschool driver's ed teacher--an ex drill sergeant who went pasty white and jittery whenever it was my go--assured me I was going to kill someone. Between that, myopia and a driving attitude that veers between obsessive fear and carelessness, it seemed like a good idea to settle in NYC and never get behind the wheel again.

But it turns out books are heavy and since Alice is too selfish to quit her job and drive me around to estate sales full time, I placed this ad on Craigslist:
Estate Sale Ride Share

Brooklyn bookseller is looking for a ride share to hit estate sales in the NY/NJ area. Prefer dealers/shoppers (with a dependable car) who DON'T specialize in books and ephemera (no reason to bring along your own competition). You get: half gas costs, an extra set of eyes to hunt for treasure, a strong back, and someone to bitch about eBay with.

Contact me if this sounds interesting.
And I found a dealer who lives right around the corner, buys completely different items from me, and has a really efficient and tech savvy way of mapping out routes!

We hit the streets last Friday (on a fairly quiet day) and the results are pictured above. The other dealer made out comparably well and we each pointed out items that we recognized as good but weren't interested in ourselves.

I recommend giving this a go if you're looking for a way to expand your hunting ground, save some scratch (as well as carbon emmissions), and find someone to share intelligence with. You will be getting in a car for several (potentially stressful) hours with a stranger though, so I recommend making a list of conditions to vet your respondees.

Sale season is approaching! Good luck out there.

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