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Monday, March 2, 2009

Outsider Art Torso Phone

Posted on eBay right now is the creepiest single item I've ever come across. It's a crying skinned hermaphrodite telephone!....I kid you not.

It's a sculpture of a visible/skinned half-man half-woman with a rotary phone installed inside and the dial exposed on the abdomen. The mouth and ear piece of the phone are in the figure's head which you lift off the body and speak into.

The body of this life-size sculpture is made from plaster of Paris on a wooden skeleton. The exterior is painted with acrylic paint which has been built up and textured to look like muscle. Exposed bone had been inventively made out of ribbons of hot glue. The figure's head has male and female features (with lipstick/makeup and styled hair on the feminine side) and both eyes are shedding a tear (who wouldn't?).

Also, it works! Witness the horror:

I have numerous images on the sale page.

1 comment:

Nathan Roberts said...

I saw this on BoingBoing ealier today and thought "WTF"... and here I am again, finding out you're the one selling it. I hope you get what you're asking for it.