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Monday, June 22, 2009

A Very Fine Junkie

I'm currently auctioning a stunning copy of Ace D-15; a 1953 paperback original double of Junkie / Narcotic Agent by William Lee and Maurice Helbrant (cover art by Al Rossi).

This is a fine copy of William Burroughs' rare first novel, one of the key collectible paperbacks.

This is the finest copy I've ever seen. It's unread, bright and sharp with only a few marginal flaws (detailed in the auction listing). I'm using all the bells and whistles on the auction so hopefully it will be bid up high enough that I won't hate myself too much for letting it go.

Ends Sunday, June 28th around 7pm EST.


Cullen Gallagher said...

Wow, gorgeous copy of that book. Maybe I can win the lottery this week. Let's hope it finds a good home (and at a good price).

Anonymous said...

Great auction - nice find.
You might want to check your shipping calculator. My shipping was listed as over $31.00. Could be a problem at eBay though, but that never happens ;-)
Good luck!