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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paper Sculpture Sex Education

Going through a recent large book acquisition I came upon How Babies Are Made by Andrew C. Andry published by Time Life Books, 1968; on the exterior a rather dated and pastel birds 'n bees primer. But opening it up, I found it was illustrated with quirky paper sculptures of chickens mounting each other, puppies coming down paper birth canals, and paper people sharing "personal and special" moments.

The sculptures--created by Blake Hampton for whom I can find only one other illustration credit (The Cookie Tree)--are well executed and charming and I love the idea of a professional illustrator spending days carefully cutting out delicate paper sperm and curling umbilical cords.


Laura said...

I actually had this book when I was a kid! Loved the cut-outs.

jf said...

Thanks for this great post.
I see Hampton's paintings from time to time when I look through magazines from the '60s and '70s. At its best, the work has a convincingly naive quality, like Henri Rousseau or Paul Davis. I just posted a 1969 ad by Hampton at Flickr, promoting The Mike Douglas Show.