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Friday, February 26, 2010

Autobiographical Tijuana Bible

Finished up the batch of Tijuana Bibles that I've been pecking at for a couple of months. The last few were particularly crude and ugly (which makes them hard to date because it's tough to figure out exactly who they're parodying) but I made a nice discovery in one of the last I listed.

In this bible an artist with a sketch pad approaches cartoon character Dixie Dugan (I think) on a park bench and seduces her by describing her looks in high-flown aesthetic terms. In the last post-coital panel she asks to see some of his "masterpieces" and he whips out a tijuana bible saying he "creates the only art which creates a desire for sexual intercourse and which also causes me to remain in privacy."

This bit of self-referential autobiography, in an almost entirely anonymous form, made my day.

Here's the full bible (NOT work safe):

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