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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stoop Sale Haul, 2 Weeks Worth

Saved up a couple of weeks of stoop sale treasures to mix up the posts a bit. These hauls were the result of two beautiful weekends of warm, clear weather. Perfect for stoop sales because the sellers want to quickly get rid of their crap and hit the beach or go to BBQs.

Some highlights:
  • My second Da Vinci Code 1st after looking at 1000s of CR pages. Sadly the price has tanked and I need to bury them for a few decades
  • A beautiful Enzo Mari Animal puzzle (images here, here, and here) that I bought from a consistently triple fair-priced estate sale. The sale runners were supposed "pros" and priced at the highest realized final values on eBay (regardless of condition, or the fact that this was a Wednesday morning in Bushwick). I paid $5 for this since they had no idea what they had. Realized $275 at auction. Nyaaah. NOTE: This was the resin edition from '72. The original wooden version from the 1950s must fetch thousands
  • Crumb's Book of Genesis
  • Get Tough! 1st Edition of hand-to-hand fighting manual, "as Taught to the British Commandos, and U. S. Armed Forces". Wartime issue paperback in original HTF dust wrapper
  • A selection of Hot Rod and Big Daddy Roth titles
  • Handmade big rig toy chest! 52" x 18". Working wheels, removable trailer, detailed open cab. I f***ing love this thing!
  • Large pile of 100% wool and marino wool yarn, some handspun. According to the wife--for whom these were a bribe--yarn like this fetches $8-10 a skein. I paid $.50 each (don't tell her)
  • Tubful of Warhammer 40k Space Marines and LOTR miniatures. These can go for decent coin but it will require extensive undercover 21 Jump Street-style geek research.
If the summer keeps up like this, I'll be one happy camper.

As always click on the images above to view in Flickr (w/ thrift-o-vision annotations). These are part of the "Junk in Your Trunk" pool devoted to documenting yard sale and thrift hauls.


Anonymous said...

Love that puzzle!

William Smith said...

Yeah, it's really mesmerizing how the animals fit together. Wanted to keep it but too pricey to justify. If I find a second, I'll sell that too. But a third...