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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend Stoop Haul

Had 14 promising sales mapped out for this past Saturday, but I overloaded twice; misread my map (mistaking one sale for another that started later); and had to leave the bike locked-up while I lugged a huge armload of items 2 miles home (then myself back to the bike). Ended up with bruised arms, a red neck and only four sales crossed off my list by the time it was too late to bother. Frustrating but did well on the ground I covered.

Picked up an original George Romero Season of the Witch poster, a lobby card for Eegah, the press kit for Radley Metzger's "Dirty Girls" and 50-60 higher grade vintage paperbacks. The above items (and more) were great but bittersweet finds as they came from a local eBay seller I've bought from before who seems like he's closing up shop. Most of my sunburn can be blamed on this sale as I went through every item he had.

Also picked up a "Young Architects" kit which allows you to create a 3D floorplan and a set of 100s of colored pencils. Think I'm going to use the floorplan to strategize bookshelf space. $1 each for these sets.

A cool "Rokenbok" construction toy that gives you an SNES style remote control and 8 receivers which you can place in a series of construction vehicles. Then you can switch--on the fly--between any of the vehicles and run a whole construction site by yourself! I'm afraid the Playmobile union is gonna shut us down though.

Lastly I picked up a great oldschool change dispenser that requires the double-safe belt and suspenders to hold up.

As always click on the images above to view in Flickr (w/ thrift-o-vision annotations). These are part of the "Junk in Your Trunk" pool devoted to documenting yard sale and thrift hauls.

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