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Monday, July 26, 2010

Parenting Aid and Summer Reading List

Received this semi-threatening Sunday-school prop as a gimme with a lot of mixed ephemera.

Distributed by First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Peoria, Ill (mid 50s-early 60s I'd guess), it shows two angelic/obedient children over the text "Silent Worship".

(click on image for larger version)

I think even secular parents might want to print this one out and give it a try (though they may want to paste the image on--ahem--heavier stock).

And before I run out for a desperately needed vacation, here's my reading pile for the holiday:

Not totally finalized yet. I imagine either the Hughes, the Flynn bio (or both) will prove indigestable but we're traveling with three cartons of books (staples like Graham Greene, AC Doyle, and Agatha Christie) to upgrade and supplement the cabin library, so I'll have a lot to fall back on.

Enjoy the dog day folks.


maitreyi1978 said...

The Etched City is an awesome book, and a first novel too, no less.

kaye said...

Wow I love to read the book Sin in the second city... Very interesting books you got there!