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Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Link Roundup

Books and related:
Thoughts on censorship, obscenity and the battle for Ulysses including federal district court Judge John M. Woolsey's remarkable literary analysis of Joyce's work:
show[s] how the screen of consciousness with its ever-shifting kaleidoscopic impressions carries, as it were on a plastic palimpsest, not only what is in the focus of each man's observation of the actual things about him, but also in a penumbral zone residual of past impressions.
(link via Bookslut); A gorgeous collection of images from a Russian edition of Lord of the Rings with art inspired by medieval religious paintings (make sure to look at parts 2-4 linked at the bottom of the Tumblr post. If anyone has the Russian-language chops to help me track down a copy of this, I would be eternally grateful) (link via Egelantier, referred by @MarkHurst); An excellent article by Dale Brumfeld on the Richmond, VA beatnik, counterculture scene and the unsolved murder of poet and prolific sleaze writer Rik Davis (aka: Jack Vast) (reprinted in Paperback Parade #85); John Waters on book collecting and decorating your guestroom with sleaze.

Strider telling it like it is re: Peter Jackson's increasing over reliance on CGI; DC Comics character The Flash if adapted to film by Ingmar Bergman (via the AV Club).

The Onion AV Club on the new wave of doom and gloom folk (much more germane to me than the jangly banjo bullshit in the pop sharts...that was supposed to be a "c" but I'm leaving it).

A collection of fireworks packaging that looks like a mashup of labels from every bottom of the shelf liquor bottle and corner deli aphrodisiac. True Mare-Kin folk art. (collected by, referred by @MarkHurst); The Guardian on the massive Schweinemord (pig slaughter) during WWI; the secret of time travel is in the toes of your right foot according to 1984 metaphysical booklet described by Jot101; A gallery of ghostly abandoned shopping malls (via Techdirt).

That's probably just about enough.

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