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Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Link Roundup

Bookish stained glass windows (link via Book Patrol); the bookplate of Charles Stewart Rolls (co-founder of Rolls Royce) complete with a night-time classic auto race, a full moon, and ballooning (link via Jot101); Canadian public service info-graphic on the health and societal benefits of reading (via Book Patrol); 1913 photos of children on New York's Lower East side having fun (!) and my intro to the proto-pog street game "Skully" (link via The Bowery Boys)

Neko Case and Kelly Hogan's musical ribbing of nerdy man culture "These Aren't the Droids" (link via Consequence of Sound)

A behind the scenes of 1980s classic sf film, The Last Starfighter (link via i09); What if Nintendo's Metroid was a Saturday morning Hanna-Barbara cartoon (link via NintendoLife); Outside Xbox on why old video game manuals always told you a character's blood type

Greenpeace tweaks the Lego company's relationship with Shell by making a a slowed-down version of "Everything is Awesome" showing your favorite Lego toys drowning in oil (link via Onion AV Club, and find the Greenpeace petition here); Artist, Justin Lawrence DeVines's eerily-right mashup of Twin Peaks and the Muppets (link via AV Club); Oliver Wetter's Ancient Kaiju Project inserts giant monster into classical landscapes in a style matching the original paintings (link via AV Club)

That's all I got.

I'll be off the grid for a solid two weeks of reading and swimming. Here's my carefully planned (though admittedly overambitious) bookpile.

I've queued up entries for the Pulp Fiction Cover Gallery for the next two weeks so you'll hardly notice I'm gone.

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