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Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Link Roundup

Jot101 offers a 1907 dust jacket containing an early (or perhaps the first) use of the publishing term "Blurb"; Alcarol offers beautiful wooden bookshelves that preserve the bark and moss of the original log frozen in resin Jurassic Park-style (link via BookPatrol)

Watch this crazy sumbitch beat Dark Souls' toughest fight using a Guitar Hero controller (link via Polygon); in further Souls news, Bloodborne has a release date and a grimly lush new trailer (link via Eurogamer)

Listen to Neko Case on Super-Ego in a hilarious Goon Show/Firesign Theatre-style skit about a country duet recording session that keeps dipping into the blue (link via AV Club); A new face for smart watches gives you the James Bond watch from N64 GoldenEye (link via Eurogamer)

A Star Trek fan has used some digital trickery to stitch together shots from classic Trek in gorgeous widescreen/panoramic vistas (link via AV Club); A Gorey-esque cartoon from CollegeHumor featuring a chipper skeleton detailing all the things that will kill you (in rhyme!)

A collection of tobacco-themed kid toys from Jot101; The Bowey Boys NYC-history blog offers these desolate 1970s landscapes of stripped and abandoned cars

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