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Friday, March 6, 2015

Tony at the Ball Game

Title: Tony at the Ball Game and What He Learned About Women
Author: I. P. Freeley
Artist: Unknown
Year: c1945

The cover and a few images from a novelty joke and cartoon booklet featuring the cutest racist Italian caricature this side of Mario. In the booklet Tony visits a baseball game "Sox vs Reds" and describes what he sees in Chico Marx-flavored prose "One guy he come out wot has got da boxing glove on one hand and dog muzzle on da face." Tony then visits the bathroom and observes the various rites of women using the toilet, including the "Cautious Girl", "Bashful Girl", Acrobatic Girl" and others. Cartoon on nearly every page.

Categories: 1930s Sleaze and GGA, 1940s Sleaze and GGA, Tijuana Bibles, 8-Pagers

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