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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tramp Jokes

Title: Tramp Jokes: Monologues and Recitations, No. 1 (Wehman Bros. 126 Park Row, New York City)
Artist: "NCL"
Year: 1907

From my small collection of Hobo lit.

Some sample jokes:

Mrs. Hardcash--Why don't you work for a living?
Walker--I made a solemn vow, ma'am, fifteen long years ago, dat I never do anoder stroke'er work till women wuz paid de same wages as men."

A tramp asked "the lady of the house" for something to eat. She gave him a steak. After considerable effort to make a dent in it, he handed it back to her, saying, "Madam, I did not ask for work."

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